miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

always striving for a perfect mix of fetishism and gay shemales

 i dont think this girl is particularly hot, but she has a warm loving face and looks like she might actually accept the fact that you are a gay crossdresser and try to love you hopelessly even tho you only htink of large penises bound underneath shint pink satin panties.....and if your like me and TVFA....ur  abit dissapointed she doest have a giant cock between those legs while u  hopelessly worship the full fashioned stocking
fag---look at the hope;ess gay look on his face.  he's so pretty.  now he should be bound and penetrated

do you dream of worshipping  a satin mistress like i do.  my god she is encased in sooooo much prety shiny satin...i dream of licking every square inch of satin and finding sticky white sperm filled boy goo on her ass with my tongue

I know TVFA has this on his site but these shoes are sooo worthy of worhsip i thought it was worth adding it.  Look particularly at the open toes.  how do you think her feet would smell?  pretty and perfumed.  and the shoes are satin i htink too...how wonderful

when i look at fotos like this i know im a gay transvestite

i worship u mistress.  let me lick your pretty shoes mommy mistress

speaking of heel worship...oh my god

this is a real girl but shes got a horse face like a transvestite so us gay TVs can pretend maybe shes got a thickly veined erect penis full of semen while worshiping her pink satin corset and full fashioned nylons and extremely pretty shiny ballet heels

the diea here is that she is so prettyily made up...i think she perfumes her crotch which is so important.  ive sucked off quite a few shemales in my time and if they are shaved and perfumes...it really makes like wonderful

its all about the shiny transparent panties.  personally i like to worship womens asses.  last saturday my wife dresses up in shiny white satin panties and garter belt with fishnets and let me worship her ass...specifically her anus....i liked and rimmed it for like an hour and shes not really into ass sex yet being that shes only 23, but she tries really hard to satisfy me

i know i need more shots of sexy cock and with semen dripping from them...coming soon!!

this is perfectly shot for shoe worshippers...u know what to do sissys right?  thats right ..blow a sticky load over the shoe ...then clean it

this tv isnt so pretty but extra points for coordinating gloves and stockings and shoes and outfit....i LOVE wearing lace or trnsparent gloves when im dressed up and feel my huge nails constricted the gloves and the material sliding over my satin panties and i masturbate wildy

ass worship time gay boy...u will never deserve a woman but u may lick her clothing

what every homosexual transvestite deserves on a permanent basis...now you will learn to admit your a cum eating transvestite

hes just like a real girl and yes sissy...i allow you to fall in love with him

she has an inflatable vibrating butt plug in her shiny lubed pink asshole...just like u sissy...what did u say?  u wanna pull it out and lick it clean?  dirty dirty sissy boy

hoping for something white out of something so black seems stupid but i think he'll get lucky

i worship your asshole shemale goddess

dont look at her pussy faggot..u simple dont deserve shiny pink pussies....u may however wonder at her tight finely full fashioned hosiery and shiny ballet heels and wish it was you modeeling these feminine fineries for a well hung full erect rubber clad black daddy with a bottle of straweberry flavored lube in his mittens

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