martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

mommy just had sex with a young boy...her pussy is filled with white sperm-filled
semen...worship the pantie
s and stockings a
nd u eat the hot boy c

this is a gay transvestite whose ass is full of semen..can u clean the asshole with
 your tongue sissy u look at thi
s image say..."im gay im gay im  gay" over an
d over again as loud as can

worship the fine full fashioned hosiery

worship the ballet heels and precious hosiery and imagine she has a huge muhsr
oom headed penis with white slimy semen needing to be cleaned from the pink head

being a gay sissy is wonderful .   you can dress in wonderful feminine finery
and worhsip 
beautiful womens clothing...but u may never has sex as a man now you are a gay transvestite sissy..your only pleasure is to be pretty and eat sticky white sperm filled boy cum

you to can become a transvestite faggotry addict

i wanted to make it easy for u to worship a rubber transvestite  ...worship the mushroom head and pray for semen you gay sissy

you should be bound in rubber like this gay transvestite and force fed semen until u start acti
ng more feminine

daddy love syou so much he wants to make sure you  are disciplined about  your crossdress training.  alway listen to daddy and do exactly was he say or else you will experience forced inflatable anal but plugging with strawberry flavored lube like in the next foto 

strict rubber  encasement , and suspension will become the norm for sissys like you

worship ballet heels sissy...shiny ballet heels are made for gay transvetites who worship womens high heels and shiny boots...all Tvs who love ballet heels must eat cum...u must cum on your ballet boots them lick them clean.  you are gay you are gay you are gay

daddy knows u love him..and you should always dress pretty in rubber & satin and tulle if u are in love...right girls?

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