viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

my wife

im married with wife knows im a pervert and in fact ive trained her pretty good.  every single night she dresses exactly as i tell her.  always in satin panties and hose and heels and either satin garter belts or satin corsets...i had 8 satin corsets custom made for her...she always wears sexy pumps and usually over the satinpanty a large sheer brief or another large satin brief.

shes astonished that i get off callin her a dirty slut lesbian,...but it really does get her off cause its so tabboo for her...

im very lucky! latets thing is i force her to say dirty shit..shes real conservative so she doesnt want to say it  but i fuck her real hard for a few minutes and after a bit she starts admitting she wants to lick young pussies  then i tell her to say 'fuck my pretty pink satin panties' over and over again till i drop a load in her...i tell her if she doesnt say it sexy ill drop the load in her mouth and i sometimes do that just to teach her a lesson.

...she doesnt know i REALLy like sucking cocks but weve done alot of cum swapping between each other and i eat my cum out of her shiny pussy  or she makes me cum in her hand and i eat it

funny thing is we're really in love and she lets me dress up however i want...and i shit u 40 and shes could be a lot worse.

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