viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

things close to my heart

i want to talk about 3 or 4 things close ot my heart: vibrating anal butt plugs, anal beads, cock pumping and blow up dolls.

first off : vibrating anal butt plugs.  i love these bvut i cant use them cause they are a bit too extreme for me.  the problem is when im hot i have no self ocntrol and i pump the fuck out of the plugs to a probably unsafe feels so fucking good i cant stop makes me such a gay transvestite/...but liek i said i threw out the lats one i bought and im trying really hard not to buy a new one no matter how fuckign sexy they look or make u feel...however theres nothing i like mroe than seeing pics of tvs in rubber with the telltale black rubber sphere hanging from a tube in their assholes...OMG

oh my god i can imagine this in my asshole it makes
me feel like such a gay sissy and sooo submissive  which is strange for
me cause i think ium naturally dominant

ok sissy now put on your rubber hood and plug yourself you know u want to 

this is so naturally pretty all girls...and young boys
should be trained in hoods like this until they accept
there marraige to rubber clad black male daddys

to me this is the ultimate rubber be honest rubber hoods scare
me and when i put them on a freak out and get claustrophobic
but my alter ego forces me to do it to punish me for being such a gay

of course..once the young boys have accepted their rubber clad black daddys
they should live in sensory deprivations like this for ever...but how can
u consider it deprivation when your ass and penis will be so well
taken care of...really its sensory exaggeration...the rubber
hoods exaggerrate the feelings of submissivness and love
for black rubber daddy

like this:

oh to wear such shiny black rubber pantyhose inflatably plugged and gagged and hooded
in preparation for my nuptials with black rubber daddy
 i like to think this pic is a young boy waiting loyally for his black rubber
daddy so he can carefully lick daddys giant cum filled balls hanging like a black bulls
below his latex sheathed cock shaft, the black rubber  sheath open at the top to allow the masterful purple musroom cock head free for the prescious young boys
eager and willing latex hooded transvestite mouth and gay tongue. i think
most black men like the idea of being served sexually by servile young
latex hooded white  boys and the white boys have exciting masturbatory
moments dealing with the orgasmic moment of blask rubber daddys penis
when from his powerful masculine testes erupts an unstoppable flow of thickly
sperm filled white sticky semen goop over the sexy black latex sheath
 making all the young transvestite in training's semen eating fantasies a blissful and wonderful

there are certain things we need to say out i want you to join me
in repeating these words as we masturbate to  his wonderful pink rubber hooded
gay transvestite:  i love you black rubber daddy.  OK?  lets begin

i love you black rubber daddy
i love you black rubber daddy
i love you black rubber daddy
i love you black rubber daddy...
say it  100 times

mpppghhh mpphhg daddyymmppppg please uninflate my butt plug and let me out of these shiny girls clothes daddy i dont want straweberry flavored lube in my asshole anymore daddy...i'll keep on the rubber hood, gloves  and ballet boots for you if we can just be naked together hugging like father and son...daddy?  u like strawberry flavor right daddy? dady maybe we can play with the giant anal beads when u lick clean my rubberized boy pussy of strawberry flavored lube.  i love you soooooooo much black rubber daddy ...we'll be together 4 -ever daddy and i will always love you with all my heart and soul

this is a transvestite rubber bride. in the never ending search for submissiveness
all Tvs must accept hooding and especially collaring especially with a rubber neck corset like
this,  woudnt u just love to lick this gorgeous rubberized face and constrict the neck corset
just a little to much, bind her arms and legs and then ass rape her with giant vibrators
until u see saliva dribbling  from her tongue over her pretty latex hood.

if yes, then you are certainly a depraved mother fucker.

well plan was to talk about 3 things...but i went off on a tangent and im back in rubber land....much like TVFA im an artist and i always blow off my work to jerk off to
transvestite imagery.  My plan was to talk about the three thigns then move into shemale imagery to rewards you for your fetishism....unfortunatley i dropped a load as i was downloading the shemale videos cause the shemale in the video was really just an ugly tranny posing as a get off when somehtings totally fake -- which is pathetic but at least i dont yet desire that people shove banana cream pies in my face to get off like some people i know -- hahaha thats so fucking funny and pathetic --- i think all the REAL shemales live in south amerika...the rest of us are just crossdressers and trannys...or like me...a normal married man with kids

my shceuld is gonna go fkn crazy over the next few weeks....hope i can continue updatibng...this i smy first real blog and i must admit im enjoying the experience.

fuck you all!

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Anónimo dijo...

Youre blog really turns me on! I like the way your typing is so fucked up like you're banging this shit out in a fucking frenzy, all transvestite faggotry addict style. My TV faggot dick is dripping onto my thigh but I'm OCD about spelling. Oh but when you write all fucked up it's like a real desperate pervert frantically trying to communicate across the abject abyss of humiliated sissy depravity.

tiffanysatin dijo...

lol...well im glad your getting off on it...truth is i wanted to do something like this for a while so its good to get it out

its difficult to type real nicelly when i need to pump my cock into satin pantys while looking at rubber or satin transvestites...i noticed the typing sucked and im sorry im so lazy as not to correct it...but u know how it is...after i cum im less interested in the details.

ive read alot of tv fantasies and watched lots of vids etc...i discovered that for me what turns me on is when people needlessly describe the same shit over and over again...for example...i wont just say panties il say tight form fitting pink satin panties with lace applique ...and if u say it over and over again it sound so pathetic and gay it really turns me on too ..also the whole black rubber daddy thing is pretty fucked up lol...dunno where that came from but that idea makes me cum always

i consider it majorly cool that your dropping loads over my thoughts..believe me i was doing that over your blog for weeks

have u seen those kara videos where she does poppers then jerks herself into a that bitch is FUCKING crazy lol...hope she doesnt fuck herself up on the poppers...really easy to overdo shit like that...if i didnt like watching her act like such a crack whore i might give her some advice on that

ill try and bang some more depraved black rubber daddy loves young boys shit out this week for you sissy faggot

incidentally i cnat jerk off right now unfortunately but i was just loking at ur new blog and i cant wait to put on my shiny white satin flutter panties slide in my thick 5 inch metallic vibe in my straweberry flavored lubes asshole put on shiny hose and 5 inch white satin ankle strap heels, satin white floor length gown and masturbate. the first time i masturbate is to drop a thick sperm filled sticky white load of goo into a pink satin panty with lace trim and transparent thong . the second time i place that same pink satin thong over my mouth and gently and lovingly lick every single strand of the giant sticky load my giant penis spurted out. its really nice if u use a cock pump too cause then your penis is fucking gigantic...i have a big cock alreacy but with pumping its fucking outrageous...its soooo hot dropping a huge load from a huge gigantic pumped cock then eating all the sperm like a teenage prom queen from her stepfathers erect gay im gay im gay