lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

todays jerk off material

perfect satin panties...if a girl wont dress in satin panties real tight like this then i dump 
her toute suite.  yeah i know im mean

sexy interesting clips

oh yeah daddy i like it just like this...seriously this image
makes me totally hot...its my dream to be so abused
and to abuse just like this cause remember abusees always turn
into abusers right officer?

soo very very pretty mommy

thre look on her face here totally kills me...i imagine
its really a man with a black latex sheath and that infact
they are all gat transvetites worshipping latex together
like some satanic ritual only no ones talking about satan
only about gay latex sex which is waaay more interesting
IMO than satan or whatever

love these images cause the bitch is kind of ugly but
shes tryin so hard to be sexy...i htink thats my favorite kind of girl
altho its true u cant beat a total hottie where her body is soo hot u
cant stoo touching and licking it...but this girl is really tryin with
both pantyhose and stockings...i bet you she htinks her husband is a creative
artist type...thats hwy he has these ideas about pantyhose and stockings together...
she doesnt realize he thinks of himself as bicurious which is code
for flaming homosexual transvestite if only he will let himself be....hes
dressing her up as he would his gay trabsvestite lover...and
every time he has sex with her he pretends she has a large satin pantied
penis and he is able to cum inside her like a real man might...and she is
fooled for another evening

nice shiny ass u fucking whore ...u could totally train this slut to
be a lesbian...know why>> cause none...ALL girls
are secretly lesbians...never met one who wasnt...once dated a girl
from idaho who was like "thats SOOO gross"  6 months later
she was dating girls...haha i converted her lololo serously

this skank needs bound and whipped
i want to fallin love with a make in full rubber doll gear
and call him barbie and make love to his rubber pussy every night
well be the barbie twins and get married them live in a toy shop
window posing with a nigger ken
so hot...excellent satin corset..and punished as she deserves

deliscious image..noticethose are ballet shoes..difficult to
see at this angle but very very sexy

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