miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

the daddys finest extreme corsetry

the hot fotos are below...ill get round to commenting on them extensively

\this is probbaly the finest corset i have ever seen...it is so fucking restrictive and she clearly loves wearing it and being dominated by black masters like us gay boys...the neck corset is icing on the cake......i want to tighten it till she falls unconscious then lock her into a dungeon

actually cancell that...id rather make this fag wear the corset up top and force himn to the same waist length then tighten the neck corset til he falls unconscious etc etc...wow how stupid is this gaylofrd...he puts on a rubber hood with no neck corset>>> WTF is the world coming too
nice satin panties faggot...jesus is that what I look like when im bound and gagged
...hope not
waiting for gay black master to help tongue-lubricate his giant penis for 
anal sex with little jimmy
this is a picture of my dear mother god rest her soul.  i treasure and worship her delightful clothign keeping it good as new!

dita is soo fucking overated but i do LOVE her baby blue shiny satin panties
in this foto so she gets to be here.....
ok i wanna say somehting sarcastic and annoying but this foto kills me...tight rubber corsetry with shiny pink satin panties and FF stockings...oh jesus in heaven turn me into this women so i too can service the black nigger gender with my wiilling mouth
still the whore should be in ballet boots...not like shes gonna be going hiking with this getup on
mommy princess i kneel before you ready to do service to your venerable red satin panties...no need for a whirlpool M'aam  i will like the gusset and asshole clean with vim!

just when u thought it coudnt get any sexier the princess puts on a sheer tulle nighgown over the rubber corset...the explosion of imaginary sensory experiences inmy mind would be overwhelming if i wasnt down a bottle of fine argetinian wine
i want to seethe precsious princess strung upside down in suspension with extreme tit bondage and one of those electrode vibrators...yeah i know u gays know what im talking about... those crazy electro sex vibes which ive always dreamed of hooking up to my cock head and anus wiwth a gay transvestite partner as we prepare for black rubber daddy to come for his oral  penis servicing
just want to yell expleteives at the princess...u fucking cunt whore cum eating bitch...oops sorry...i mean darling my prescious wife (in public at least)
dont like the corset but those may be satin panties which make me cum

ooooo mommmy ooooo mommmy ooooooooo ooo oo o o ooooo mommmy
shiny red satin...shiny satin in red...prescious shiny red satin ooo mommy
licky licky lickards mommy sucky sucky suckards mommy
cleany cleaning the prescoius shiny satin of semen from black rubber daddy mommy

ok everyone together now:

licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay
licking mommys prescious red satin corset makes me gay

he rface seems so consigned to the neck corset...really she is a good woman...her husband -and im SURE she must be married- is a very happy camper...hes porbably some rich surgeons...woman are funny...if their husband is rich and respectable their is no gutter deep enough into which they will crawl to please him so they can drive their 500 SEL

another good reason to be gaylords...u just cant trust a cunt...having said that...alot of gays are exaclty the same just looking for payout time

very nice...all boys should be trained in this manner from a very young age until the
age of marraige - 14

daddy is that you

i want this corset so bad...this entire outfit..i wanna be her and meet my prince
charming who will sweep me off my feet to his castle and force me
to be his princess forever....no really im only BI CURIOUS

ok i see an image like this and im instantly heterosexual again....no tv or man could ever do this ever sorry...maybe women are worth the hassle after all if u can find a pretty born again latex wearing contortioinist who is all about having a family

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SissyChristine dijo...

Ummhh!This is very kinky,I really enjoy myself masturbating while looking these hot pics!
I just imagin that is me the slut who wears the corset and I go crazy.
I am sooo fucking horny everytime I visit this page!
Thank you,Tiffany,you are a genius!