miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

dear lord... im so confused about my gay transvestism...oops...i mean my heterosexual light crossdressing

none of you fags deserve to lay your eyes on these images of perfection:
the most beautiful women on the world from brazil of course...for the course of this image set you are allowed only to imagine what it might be lije to steal her outfit and dress up in it in the privacy of you locked closet...your like to put on those pretty panties and feathers woudnt you gaylord
i think the one on the right is the hottest - a bit thinner and skin a bit darker
reaally i just want to lick the sweat from the gusset of her sweet panty  and maybe also directly from her anus..yes! id like to rim and tongue her shiny pink asshole thru her pretty panties
what a bunch of muscle bound freaks..these are actually real women hahaha
fucking ugly bitches....aaa. mm wait a minute they kind of look like guys..like fag transvestites
..m ok maybe i can dig that...if i gave them all a big black strap on each they coudlforce me to do anything they wanted and id dress up like a little satin sissy maid for them because im really a homosexual transvestite

i keep imagining these muscle bound freaks have giant penises packed under those posing pants...all femmed up body builder transvestites....so feminine so purely masculine...they are as confused as we gay homosexual transvetsites are about what sexy is...not like our brazilian pop tarts who have absolutely no confusion abo0ut what sexy is
ooo mommy you like like a man...beat me with your pretty high heels mommy  force the heel up my lube satin panties anus mommy
goddess of the night you are an image of perfection unlike the muscle bound americam freakazoids 

samba dancers are so beautiful..they always were perfect fishnets under their shiny feathered
outfits...but more importantly their skin is so vibrant and alive and their faces so full of excitement and love and energy...they are a visinoary dream of feminity to which we can only aspire
leg lock my neck in your gigantic thighs and beat me with your pulverizing arms u fucking ugly freaks.  i will serve u as a gay transvestite forever ...u know you are really lesbians and u wanna beat up gay sissies for revenge
i can only imagine the perfume of these scenes..really for me smell is one of the most erotic senses...give me dirty perfumes dancers panties any day [hehe i lived with a dancer from Pure Platinum for 5 years in Miami and every day i got to sniff and lick and wear  her dirty danced in perfumed panties - - oh my god i miss that]
this ones a bosy builder too but she kept it reaosnable  and still look skind of sexy.  ok yeah
i admit it i would steal her underwear and spend a great deal of time licking the overly perfumed gussets
does it get any more feminine than this...pure feminine energy that you as 
a gay transvestite can only dream of...really the most you will ever have
is lots of gay transvestite energy..no matter how many poppers u sniff
u fucking crack whore

mommy willl yo please bind me up and use your strap on on my shiny pink lubed anus while putting my head in a leglog
the perfectin fo feminity defined as othewise unacheivable for muscle bounds loser granmas
haha tehse stupid muscle bound whore thingk they are sexy hahahaha
u look like men u dumb cunts the next girl is sexy you are just stupid retards
this  is such a beautiful image..total feminine perfection we can never dream of attaining
lol...hey dad why are you in moms swimming trunks...sure poppy ill suck your giant dick off

u wish u has several of these outfits in your closet dont you faggot.  youd secretly dress up in them every day and think about how men would look at you and want you.  seriously gay boy u need to analyse why u dress up in provocative womens clothing.  its "PROVOCATIVE " of what?  of making mens penises hard and wanting sex with you...so when u dress up in your little feminine outfits and pretend you might still bea heterosexual or a gay lesbian like some panty shitting pie in the face lovers like i know you are  totally missing the point.  deep down on some subliminal psychologicla level there is a deep necesity in you to provoke teh sexual energy of men to admire you in shiny sexy womens costumes.  to me its bad enough that we are dressing up in pretty girls outfits but do we have to dress up our unique psychological state -latent gayness- in clothes too - i mean., in the garb of so called light crossdressing, gay lesbianism, panty wearer or an odd hobby - lol.  I wnat all of you to attemot the following exercise...when you are dressed up and masturbating to images of pretty transvestites start saying out loud to yourself :"im wnat to be a pretty gay transvestite".  Seroiously its totally liberating to do this regularly !!! when i started doing this exercise it was difficult to admit that i was a gay transestite but over time i found it very liberating to say it out loud.  dont worry, no ones there to hear you right...its our little secret....when u say it it will make your ograsm that much better because your crossing the threshold of a taboo and  thats always a sexy thing to do right?  or are you just too chicken to do it...youd rather live inb a fantasy world and run up 50,000 dollar phone bills to fake mistresses who really dont give a fuck about u like i do.

the first time i sucked a cock i did it out of fear.  well not exactly, i did it because io refused to be scared of the consequences of gayness...i figured if im gay i HAVE to know it NOW.  life is too fucking short.  no point wearing your 'no fear' t shirt and living in fear I thought to myself

and so i did it and have done it since and it didnt change my world excepot in one important and very powerful way -- the fear was gone and i was able to leave that bullshit behind me.

now i am married to a woman and have kids  but that knowledge I gained has never left me and has empowered me to be stronger even  in my more  heterosexual relatinoships.

so go fuck a bib black nigger dick u gay homosexual transvestite and try to savor the experienceof the sperm filled semen sliding over your tongue and down your throat...i mean if u dont like it then maybe your not gay right? then u can go back to calling yourself a heterosexiual light crossdresser and do it with some honesty u fucking queer

oh one more thing theres a big difference between sucking off a tranny as a man and sucking off a man as a tranny but thats somehting else u need to explore with NO FEAR

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