sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008

gay n*gger cum lords

the ultimate gay n*gger cum lord fantasy ...i love my black rubber daddys so very very much
i will serve them for all of my life sire...this is a picture of a very lucky young boy whose father trained him from a very young age to love and appreciate
the black race...specifically the race of gay nigger cum lords...thank you my prescious transvestite daddys for making me feel whole

oooo sooo stiff, so masculine so full of gay homosexual cum eating excitement and hot sticky edible semen....here eyes say it all....as does the firm feminine grip -- just like yours faggot
such a pretty little boy...his daddy is taking thepictures for the  family album
if these gay nigger cum lord images are too gay for you you can look upong these shiny red patent ballet heels and imagine that your are not gay and only have a fetish for womens clothing as u masturbate...but once u are nice and hard again scroll down to help condition your responses to appreciate the form and function of a rigid  nigger penis and hot nigger semen eating
im sooo submissive toi my pimpin hot gay nigga cum lord...but my bitch ass out on the street pimp masta gaylord
yeah big surpise now lick and lap all round the shaved shaft and work your way up the ebony tower of power till the chocolate treat and wait for a creamy topping..and get that stupid look of your face or ill bind you and beat u like the ho u are fag boy
repeat it: 
 i love you gay n*gger cum lord,
  i love you gay n*gger cum lord,
 i love you gay n*gger cum lord,
 i love you gay n*gger cum lord,
 i love you gay n*gger cum lord
 i love you gay n*gger cum lord, 
i love you gay n*gger cum lord, 
i love you gay n*gger cum lord, \
its not hate speech when you love them sooooo much
oh my god what a dream...shes is soooooo fuckinmg lucky.  we all need to make a choice today.  choose n*gger penises to worship, have a gay black boyfriend or marry a gay black husband...dress pretty for him every night so he fucks you as if u were his sexy wife

shiny heels shiny heels shiny heels...come on say it it will get all that gay nigger cum lord talk out of your fragile confused brain and let u focus on your true heterosecual nature.  dont think of the massive masculine power & rigid steel of gay nigger cocks filled with hot semen as you masturbate to the ballet heel ok mr heterosexual...remember they can only fill your mouth and asshole with semen if you dress up like a little girl and activly solicit gay sex with them

that magic moment of semen intoxication that we all dream of and some of us have experienced...hehe u know youve been sucking cock when it takes u 2 days to lose the flavor of semen in your mouth and u keep buying wintergreen gum to kill the flavour
oo mommmy such worshipful sissy heels...i love pretty coc...err.. girls sooooooo much dad... errr ....mommy dearest
 a truly lucky girl about to enjoy some hot n*gger semen...whats that?? oh he says he wants you to bind his giant balls and ccock shaft in rubber than use a cock pump to make his nigger dick even bigger before you suck him to orgasm in your pretty painter mouth....its cute pinching his giant balls huh sissy
i love it when they get goofy surprised looks on their faces like they cnat believe what theyve gotten themselves into. u made a decision to pleasure 2 black cum lords...now start kissing licking and sucking sissy...if you dont have a real nigga cock in front of you use one of yoru many cock shaped thickly veined dildoes to help u fantasize about sucking a real nigga penis...remeber : visualize your deepest dreams and they will all cum tru i promis
im a pretty balerinna in my shiny patent heels i totally love prety patent clothign on pretty girls.  i am not a gay cock worshipper especially not of gay nigger cum lords
 i ask you,,,does wanting to lovingly and caringly carress kiss lick and suck these giant
black thickly veined erect n*gger gay cum lord penises and gigantic cum filled balls make me a gay?
oh shes soo lucky to have that thick cum filled shaft in her hand but dont forget
she also has a truly huge n*gger cock head dripping thick white sperm filled semen
in her pretty little mouth...im sooo jealous 
her  makeup is sooo pretty,.,,and her eyes perfect and she look slike a little tranny
so extra points for that ...he's such a gay n*gger cum lord if u do your makeup just like her maybe this studd will want to fulill all your gay nigger fantasies too 
i actually feel romantic when i see this image.  it makes me want to kiss his masculine stomache and thighs  before enjoying themassive masculinity and power of his huge balls in my mouth as i mastrubate the cock head in my delicate tulle gloved fingers...ohh black gat cum lord make my pretty gloves sticky so i can lick them clean for you sire

focus on the negro cock head an nothign but the negro cock head,,,think of how smooth and warm it would be in your slutty TV mouth as he lovingly bastes you with warm milky sperm....knowing  is a gay cum lord makes yoru penis very hard and makes u want to masturbate uncontrollably

ok ok i know your not gay so cum looking at this image of shiny feminine ballet shoes and try not to think of the rigid thickly veined black penises you have been enjoyin...oops...i mean looking at innocently...dont worry your totally not gay being on this blog...your just a creative individual with an open mind exploring all lie has to offer...fantazizing about gay black mens penises doesnt make YOU a sissy gay cum worshipper in any way so you can go to sleep comforted by that fact...

i want you to know i find my duties on this blog as sexy and extremely funny

one last thing friends...i really do this stuff as a masturbatory stream of consciusness and im truly sorry if i offend anyone in my blog or my sometimes extreme comments whichi  sometimes leave on sexy TV blogs which make me cum...i have deep respect for black people and have fucked both black TVs and women in a caring and loving way without calling them niggers or slaves or masters. i appreciate their black skin and sometimes pink genetalia indiependntly from their fascinating individual fully devloped and entirely equal --  nay, superior!!!! --- minds.......i am reminded of the great martin luther king, jesse owens, mike tyson   or michael jackson the king of pop who i would also like to have gay sex just so i could see him dressed up as diana ross once and for all ---  all of them talented in their own way equaling --nay,surpassing!!! -- the white race in their respective fields . i do not mean to say the great orignal martin luther king or fightin mike tyson are gay nigger cum lords.  thats would be an unholly offense in the eyes of god above.  those men have changed hostory as we know it. so i will say it specifically here. the great marting luther king is not a gay nigger cum lord, nor is mike tyson. i do however believe that nichael jackson the king of pop is in fact a gay nigger cum lord...

with that i bid you a very very equalitarian good night on this winters eve in a VERY  special xmas season or hannukay if your a fuckin JEW or kwanzaa for those afrikan nigs

peace and love to all my brethren - i anoint u one and all with kwanzaa blessings

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