domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

great news!!!!

the good news is that regular heterosexual guys spend all day jerking off on the internet too,,,only they look at pictures of sexy girls not gay transvestites and studly black men like you.  i thought it would be fun to show some examples of what real men look at.  yeah i know your a gay transvestite  so just look at the pretty clothes then scroll on down to the gay nigger cum lords blog so you can cum

i knwo u wann dress up liek these girls and have guys wanna fuck u just like they wann fuck these pretty little white bikini bimbos....u wanna be a white bikini bimbo too huh...sayit out loud then:
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo
i wanna be a white bikini bimbo

go on sissy...steal the bikini off the clothes ones looking.....u can be home with these soon to jerk off and lick the gusset as u dildo yourself
yes thopse ar every sexy transparent panties....u can steal them when u break into her house to steal all her clothing so u can look exactly liek her then u will have access to all har soiled underthings and u will never wash them ever so you can preserve and savor her pussy and ass perfume
imagine how this outfit smells after a long day working...i think youd probably tey and wrap the crotch round your head to smell the pretty perfume woudnt u gaylord
yeah u know this is what u really wnat dont u fag...suck a big nig dick fag
try not to think too much about licking the anal probe clean..i knwo her body is very clean and smooth but that glass anal tool might be  please dont think about cleaning it ooohh gross!!
i know they dont have huge 8 inche cocks but close your eyes and pretend they do
and it will be sexier for you
if theres anything i hate its phony gays..these 2 may even lick each others pussy but they are just in it for the paycheck and the attention...& u knwo what theyre not even that hot
fucking cunts

seriousyly just look at the fishnets and imagine she has a giant cock...u dont deserve smooth pussies like this because you only liek black cocks remember -- quick scroll down to the gay nigger cum lords blog and start jerking wildly looking at giant black thicky veined mushroom headed penises with sliding dribbles of sticky white sperm filled man semen
oooo shiny shiny 1 yoru sniffing nose ready sissy 
for when she strips it off after her boyfriends fucks her in it then cums all over the crotch leavint i with sticky strands of white sperm fileld u like to eat sperm sissy?? u liek the taste of a mans sperm sliding over your tongue and down your throat like a real girl...mmm of course u do sweetyy...well u can eat your own real soon if u cum for me real pretty like a good sissy
oops only a fag would do this
i know youll like htis image but really these are real women...ok u can imagine what it would be like if they had severly bound penises and were relaly sexy bound brazilian shemales
so perfect, so sweetm so expensive,,,u could bever afford to even chat to them on the phone 
OMG they are sooo pretty
OMG those bikinis looks sooo good on you sweety...really hun? yours too
tee hee...but theyre soo tigh on our sweet pink assholes and shaved wet pussies

lets take them off and put on soft satin panties....mmm...u dont htink anyone will steal
outr pretty bikinis do you?  no way who wants to steal smelly perfumed ass soiled swimsuits
thats soooooo grosssssss ..oh geez and mines all stuck up inside my pussy too...oohh gross..lemme pull it ou then toss it over there with the hamper of dirty lingerie
oh sweety your body is so tight and tanned have u bin workin out hun..allthe guys are gonna wann fuck u soo bad...eescpecially those big titiies u got hun

,,, shiny satin panties are good for gay boys like u
ooo yeah fago look at the pantied cock this is your chance to jerk it for a big cum load then eat all the cum u squirt out to make sure u are a little but more gay than when u started out...sniff the vinyl panties faggot sniff the panties cock faggot ..lick the perfumes vinyl panties like u always dreamed of and pleasure the pretty shemale....shes not as pretty as a real girl but u know youll defintly get hard for her and wont embarras yourself like u do when u try to have sex with real girls and fail miserably cause your really a gay transvestite in denial hahahaha y fucking queeeer

..thisis your dream date now....shes th prettiest TV around and u dont even deservbe to be with her...youll prbbaly end up sucking off some guy in a xxx theatre whose wearing panties and looks like your grandfather hahahaha

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Wodan dijo...

God, this series of pics with text is incredible. I adore the way your mind works. I'd submit to you in a heartbeat if you'd make me live through these scenarios. I've never found anyone with fantasies so similar to mine. Keep it coming:)

Wodan dijo...
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