miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008

my wife

 a very satisfying orgasm that i gave her the oithe rnight my wife told me she didnt think she could orgasm unless i keep telling her gay lesbian stories and forcing her to watch lesbo porn.

wow its so hot...my latest fantasy for her os that she must marry an older woman and both dress in white bridal lingerie and dresses but her wife forces her to put an electro vibe in her pussy under her her white satin thong so she can give her pussy electric shocks if she gets to shy to say her vows.

my wife always cums whenever i start talking about how the satin or transparent panties gently glide over and into the folds of her lesbian lovers bright pink wet vagina...and if shes having trouble focusing i tell her she might have to lick her lovers tightly pantied pink anus ...its like we are both into the same stuff only she needs lesbo sex hehe pretty cool...she told me shed never ever fantazised about gay sex before she met me...and now shes into bondaged lesbian sex - wow!!

now i told her i will give her her lesbian fantasies all of her life but she must dress in satin  or rubber corsets every night and satin panties and shiny hose ....shes sooooooooooooooo into it...

my wife is 23, has a really hot bod PLUS shes a total perv like me  -- wow im lucky!!!!!!

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