martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

a new drug

well ive been away for a few days caus eive got a major virus on my ive been taking this new drug called modafinil\

u can get it over the counter here without prescription and its cheap -in th US u need a prescription-... but holy crap..its amazing,,,its like it make u smarter or somehting..u take a pill and u totally focus on the matter at hand....i wrote a paper the other night and i reread it today and my paper is fucking stunning,,,its way smarter than i am normally

unfortuneately that means less tv fagottry blogs because ive been so immersed in real gonna call this drug the miracle drug....subtler and more focused than  prozac or wellbutrin..i mean it say sits not for depression but alot of people take it like its ritalin

anyway heres ot lots more evenings on this drug cause its made me more productive in the lat 5 daya than ive been in the last 5 months -- holy crap 

yeah dont worry u know i cnat give up on trabsvestite faggorty completely but i should say my life is about to make a massive change [in a nice and positive way] in the next month so i may not be able to make so many updates as i did this past month...but please go back and jerk off to the classic gay nigger cum lords blog or the good news blog or the bondage corset blog...thats some good jerk off material until i get some time on my hands to make u gaylord spill your sperm filled semen for me again.  or by all means masturbate fantasising abouyt gay sex with black men while you are dressed as a bridal, french maid or prom queen gaylord. what type of gaylord semen eater will u become today i wonder?

love 4 ever

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