lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008


heyyy a coupla people made comments i feel all warm and fuzzy inside,.,..i keep waiting for peopel to say i shoudnt call black people niggers or make fun of jews but it seems everyone is to busy jerking off to care..hahaha thats fucking great

u know here in south americ they call black people niggers by default...its pretty amusing....seriously the other day i was eaitng a kids cereal and they had jokes on the side for kids and one of them was -i shit u not- about niggers...i almost choked laughing

plus i get embarressed sometinmes when i type certian stuff but then i say fuck it ill leave it in like on the woman with the red satin corset in the corset blog...i mean that was some seriously gay sissy shit...but to be honest its the kind of thing i really sat to myself when IM mastrubating...i have kind of a dialog when im masterbating...i have daddy who i always have to please and sissy...and sissy is always liek oh no daddy dont make me shove the HUGE dildo in my ass please...and daddy is like fuck u u little homo stuff it in and suck the pretty high heels...sometimes daddy makes me try and shove high heels in sissies ass too...sissy loves this but it dont vibrate lol  sometimes sissy has fantasies of stuffing a whole shoe in his pretty ass and a whole shoe in his mouth until he cant breathe...luckily daddy doesnt know sissies fantaies completely or he would be fucked.

problems??? me????? not at who gives a shit right....lets just produce some hot cum producing stuff and drop lots of sexy sissy loads right gaylords

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Anónimo dijo...

Well you've been a busy faggot bitch since last time I logged on! Keep the genius of your abject depravity coming you fucking gay ass transvestite niggerdicksucking pervert! Hahaha...