miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

that they may drop a fat sperm filled semenload in their own lips lord jesus on xmas this year make me into a rubber barbie doll for mens appreciation

many of these are men forced into rubber dolls suite for sex slavery
to black nigger cum lords
patiently awaiting the arival of my gay  nigger cum lord.  he likes to mount me
and spit saliva down into my latex covered mouth while he fucked my tight rubber pussy
my butt plug feels so tight and inflated .  im such a feminine rubber doll
i wish he would hurry up im so horny i can feel my penis all hard under its rubber bindings.
look how the transparent material glides over my huge rubber tits. i ts just like
under my rubebr doll mask i have my head inside a cum stained full fashioned stocking

im a pretty rubber doll. call me barbie.  do you want to play dress up with me
my lips are ready to be moistened with sticky white sperm  filled semen

i feel so fulfilled and alive bound in rubber even tho its quite difficult to breathe
becausemy satin corset is cinched so very very tight.  rubber doll suits
combined with satin and transparent ar ethe most sensual form of
transvestite discipline for young men
OMG im so sexy and feminine...no one would ever guess im really
a 14 year old boy

i wish daddy would take me from behind. i need hot man semen in my
tight pink puckered boy asshole

im your pretty rubebr doll daddy.  and YES! i will marry you sir in
a celebration of our gay homosexual union
if you fuck my hot rubbe rtits u can blow a big white cum load all over my rubber face
im wearing 3 latex hoods and a ball gag under my girl mask so i cant see you but i totally
trust you daddy cuz i know u totally love me right? u wont do anything mean and nasty to me
yess mommy i promise i will learn to love black penises
"i worship black cock for mommy"
i worship black cock for mommy"
i worship black cock for mommy"
i worship black cock for mommy"
i worship black cock for mommy"
i worship black cock for mommy"
ooo mommy its so thickly veined and the head is impressivly large.  cna i place it my rubber mouth mommy?

mommy that is a wonderful rubber corset teddy you are wearing. i so worhip your
rubber latex clothes mommy and feel dominated by you so that i am more of a gay homosexual for my daddy
oh mommy simply to place my hands on your latex clad bosy is a privelage this young boy does not deserve . thanks you maam for this awesome privelage of gayness

mommy i love you please stop inflating my hood and plug im so over inflated already im losing consciousness ahhhhhh

yess mommy im practicing expanding my rubber pussy for my gayrubber  nigger daddy
yes mommy ill lift my legs up supinely if you think tahts what my nigger daddy needs
to become hot and sexy with me
i deserve to be married to my nigger daddy. i  spent all day carefully selecting which doll suit i would wear for him thenm chossing matching latex corset and stockings.  mommy is totaly justified in chaining my huge rubber nipples because it lest nigger daddys  know i anm totally focused on his gay satisfaction
also it may allow him to cum more easily if he sees how submisive i am to him in my gay transvestism...my rubber slit is lubed and ready for him to start pumping me like the whore need to be because i am totally infatuiated and in love with him
yes mommy that inflatable but plug seems appropraite in size to my gayness please slide it forcefully into my little boy asshole to prepare me for the onbslaight of my nigger daddys giant well hung manly studly cum filled pink headed semen dripppin' sperm filled love pump

yes mommy gag me so good and bind my wrists so daddy knows i am at his complete disposal.  i love being his little barbie doll and secretly i hope he beats me merciliessly again like i deserve for being such a gay honmesexual transvetite 

waiting in position 1 for daddy daddy slides his well hung nigger penis directkly into my rubber sheathed throat when he arrives home and if im lucky he will drop his first nigger load into my mouth in minutes ro even seconds if i deept throat him and allow the massive pink cock head to slide mercilessly down my throat.  maybe i wont even taste his semen cause he will cum balls deep with teh head so far down my throat the cum will just go directly to my stomach.

mmm yummy i love being a gay rubber cum doll

im soo totally not good enought for my gay nigger cum lord...he is such a speciem of gay nigger perfection and im just a lonely rubber clad cum doll.  i cant even show dady how much i love him beacse he cants ee my pretty young eye or hear my voice and i cant see or hear him being that the rubber is so tight over my head....but his diamond ring on my finger says that we are married for ever and will always be in love

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