lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008


oh i started adding comments to the corset blog from a few days ago...
also thanks for commenting it makes it all seem worthwhile when people comment and im not just

funnily enough i dont actually feel perverted, abject humilated or depraved or in an abyss...i try and combine all my gay transbvestite feeligns into my warm loving relatinship with my wife/girlfriend (i call her my wife cause she had my kids) and when that doesnt work i meet with slut hookers and gay shemales on the side (i live in south america so thats very very easy)

however my wife is very accomodating.  she ALWAYS wears satin panties and satin corsets to bed and now is doubling up pantyhose and stockings too because i told her too...she was very conservative when we met but ive convinced her she is a gay pussy licking lesbian in much the same manner as i do in these pages and she has these massive gushing orgasms cause i torture her clit and force her to admit shes gay and wants to lick a mistresses pussy and even admits shed like to lick young girls pussies when shes really hot

i dress in panties pantyhose and babydolls when were together which she doesnt relaly understand but she goes along with it cause i make her orgasms so good and now im play acting like IM the mistress and i put on a womans voice in spanish and she creams herself every time

shes reaaaly cute.  shes 23 and was a stripper when i met her here in south america...well not a stripper...its all differnet here than in the states...she served coffee in pretty lucky shes a really loving giving person who wants to give her life to me and doenst want to stop admitting shes a lesbiana maricona.

i want to tell everyone about an amazing experience i had here in south america a few years ago .....i was dating a shemale who was part of a transvestite circus...yes thats right a circus full of transvestites...really more transexuals cause they were all on hormones and i had an orgy with them///started off innocent enough but once the liquor started flowing oh my god....

its the kind of bizarre random experience would never happen in the states -- unless u went to some gay orgy club in miami ( i lived in miami for 15 years and went to every gay fetish club around -- fucking YAAAWN lame ass bullshit)...and then maybe maybe slightly it might happen.....why> becaus the truth is the staes arent that many people are hung up and got a stick up their ass they dont know how to have fun or emote on a real generalizing i know....

so for all you TVs TS's bicurious crossdressers, whatever, my advice to you it to leave home  come south where the people are real...sure u have to leanr a new language but it doesnt take that long reallyim fluent in 3 years and i never took a spanish or portuguese class in my life

you will be able to find work..u just got to take the fucking chance...and i promise u a more fulfilling experince than u ever thought possible.

for me, and i dont say this with any hate or anything,  but i would NEVER EVER live in the states again not for any money in the fucking world


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