martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

you are really gay if u masturbate to these images

prettyy gloves you masked freakazoid
will you be my mommy
fishnets over rubber is exquisite dont you think 
u dont deserve to lay your eyes upon such pretty satin panties
and not on such a perfect female figure as this.  these delicate satin panties 
have a gusset of satin too and gently fold over and into the soft feminine
vagina lips. the back of the beautiful satin panty is black tulle liek the top visible here
and gently but firmly lovingly carresses the young girls pink anus.  all day long
her perfect anus is lovingly carressed by the rigid black tulle as her vagina is
embraced by the motherly touch of soft pink satin..imagine her soft pink
moist feminine anus with black perfumed tulle strecthed rigidly and tightly
over the feminine asshole....later when u play with the panties you can lovingly
lick the black anal tulle and sniffing for perfume and hoping for a taste of her
exquisite feminine moisture...not that u deserve it gaylord

i know i know your tying to see if you can see teh vaginal lips underneath the perfect satin
but remember ....u R a gay sissy and these panties are an idealized form of worship for you
...u will never have or deserve a girl this lovely but maybe one day u may be able to steal a pair
of her pantys from a clothes line or from her laundry basket or if your reallyy brave break into her house to lay your hands on the absolutely precious panty worship idol then u can
lay them on a pedestal on the veenings to worhip on your hands and knees as u dress up 
in your sissy maid costume, plugged gagged and useless as usual

gay mommy i love you gay mommy i worship you gay mommy i adore you

if your like me you can almost imagine his giant firm purrple headed penis
rising up from his vinyl panties with a dribble of semen ready to lick and suck
true rubber transvestite love....dont all of us dream of this?  a gay marraige to a rubber
transvestite with the loving approval of our real wives
its ok my wife says we can be together.  she will hold our hands the first time 
we 69 together...i love u soooo much darling

its time for kissing fantasies..imagine if you will gently making out with this
rubber masked shemale..can u imagine tying tongues with her underneath
her gorgeous rubber female mask sissy.......your wife says its ok if you have
gay fantasies of making out with such a gorgeous transvestite..slide your
tongue over the rubber and spread yoru saliva al over the huge rubber lips
gaylord....your mommy gives u permission to fall in love with yoru 
transvetsite rubber her 4 ever gay

 beuaitful idealized satin reminded of being a teenage transvestite
looking at womens clothes in catalogs & stealing hundreds...more like thousands
pf panties from sears and jc penny ...didnt have pure satin so much back then
it was Antron III hehe

jesus i pray to you to let me worship this womans rubber asshole...or better dear lord
turn me into this rubber woman...i love her so much dear lord i pray thee to turn me
into her as u did water into wine
i am ready right now to MARRY this transvestite.  i pray to god on high to allow
me to marry you with all my soul.  i am your transvestite partner and mimmivk for ever
i will spend my life immitating you and dressing to look exactly liek you.  i will be your
gay wife in front of god, fmaily and all the world to see.  i dearly and truly love your
vestments so much dear missy
may i lick yoru rubber pussy there semen inside there sticky whire boy goo
inside your rubber pussy master.  i do love thee forever dear daddy

shiny hose, worship hose, full fashiones fuck stockings, semen gatherers, sticky cum stockings
made for sucking semen from mommys toes didlodoed sisssy needs mummys cum stockings

jesus in heaven...i pray ot you to turn me into this rubber shemale.  we all know it is a man or young boy hidden under the rubber  full body women costume with his shaved cock and bound abd pulled back tightly into his asshole as punishment for daring to be a woman.  lord in heaven, let me look exactly like her then in your name permit me to service all the gay blacvk men on this earth in rubber extasy and make me addicted to drugs like a crack whore slut i secretly need to be dear master

i am a gay cumeater, i am a gay cumlicker, i am a gay cumsucker
i need rubber semen i need rubber fishnets i need rubber discipline i need rubber
gayness i need penetration by rubber i need training to rubber by a loving mommy and daddy

there is a young boy trapped inside this rubber girl suit...his penis is firmly bound and
his testicles wrapped in a band of rubber until of cours eh now just
lokos like the perfect date....u wann make out and kiss him right and act like its
just a regular date and u could bring him home to meet your mother
youd like to see him in shiny red satin panties and play with his pussy and act like it was real 
instead of a rubber doll pussy hole.  

your so gay u dont even deserve a rubber doll pussy hole do  you..of course not...btu when black rubber daddy gets back he will want sex with the young boy and afterwards it will
be your responsiblity to lovingly clean and rinse the entire rubber doll suit
and all teh associated rubber lingerie with your tongue

ill comment on these fotos later today

lovely cum much bigger than thisyoung boy expected from his
daddy love. daddys penis was so excited in gay anticipation to see his young
sons face spooged with sperm filled semen than waaay more of the sticky white
man goo squirted lovingly over the young boys face/  he clrearly deserves
such a massive load of masculine god cum on his face cuz he is so cute and
 gorgeous for a little sissy

this video rocks cus the girly bou clrealy fanyasizes abotu penises
regulary...u can seethe love on his face as he laps up the shaft
and lets his lips slide over the giant pink cock head.  he truly
LOVES penises and wants to masturbate to fully enjoy the delicious taste
and texture of his daddys penis.  this video represents gay love making
at its absolute purest form....mmmmmmmmmmmmm eat the
sperm filled sticky white boy goo sweetheart just like god meant for you to do

i love this video cause the guy is clearly ambivalent about getting cum
let alone such a huge sticky white load of sperm filled semen in his mouth manyof us have fantasies of cum loads of semen but often times
in life fantasy and reality are a bit different.  still he is able to focus ok
eventually and act like he likes the masculine tranny goo all over his lips and face 

hahaha what a faggot

ok thats it for now gaylords...wish i had mroe time to masturbate and make gay commentaries but i got a real life...i chose to do gay masturbatin instead of my real life responsibilities but now i must go attend to that life.  i have some wonderful extreme corset pictures for my next installment of gay transvestite worship so get your lingerie gags and dildoes reayd for that 
fuck you all especially tvfa and kara the crack whore

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