sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

daddys favorites

you mother fuckers have no idea what down the rabbit hole actually means...im posting up to 100 pictures at a time after marathon fetish masturbation sessions then when i can doing extensive extremely gay sissy commenting on as many fotos as i can before i cum again.

im going to add gay comments about my love for my gay daddy and how he has beaten me into appreciating submissive gay fetish transvestite imagery  at a later date..prolly not till next week

until then i hope some of you get a bit inspired and less selfish in your masturbatino sessions....i mean fotos are nice but its hearing your perverted thoughts that turns everyone on right

deep gay french kisses to you

oo daddy you lok wonderful tonight in your shiny white satin corset...but let me help you tightening you collar until you cnat breathe
daddy likes it when i act like a gay transvestite mistress
dadyd will be home soon from work...im dressed in pretty shiny rubber clothes to make him love me more 

this is a picture of my father at his most beautiful...now you can see how easy it is to fall in love with this wonderful loving man
and thas whay i derss as i do in shiny thigh high boots and restrictive corsets and gloves
yes daddy i tottally love you in this outfit - its a gay bridal romance

i like to think about daddys shiny black satin panties under animal print.  its fun to lick the satin thru the holes of the fishnet and to feel my father penis quickly growing erect with gay excitment

sometimes its best to just dress like a normal little girl for daddy.  its so cute and doesnt reveal the fact that i have a vibrating inflatable butt plug expanding my anus
its important to have several layers of nylon to excite my father, to coax his delicious semen from his erect penis
i like to pose for daddy sensually and submissively.  i let him know HE is in control at all times
daddy and me on a date - daddy is soo prety i love him

daddy tells me to look at gay transvestite pictures to get turned on.  i even get turned on by fatties if they are well dressed and obviosuly cock obsessed gays

pretty pretty pretty satin satin satin corset corset corset
daddy i love you so very much sir...i love dressing you in satin my dream bride
my father 
its ok daddy i wont move from this position till u get back from work
daddy relaxing as i suffucate in my rubber hood
daddy likes to teach my full fashiones stocking worship.  he accomplishes this through many long hours of modelling combined with whipping my erect cock head with a pink patent leather spike heel until i orgasm...the pain has become my friend
trying to sooth my swollen beaten penis by cupping it in satin

preparing for my cock head beating i pray to jesus that daddy will finally admit he loves me and marry me in a gay ceremony in front of all of our family

dressing up in daddys clothes when he is at work is very dangerous...i have to be careful not to stain any of his beatufil outfits with my sticky cum
this is how my father trains me daily.  after my cock beatings with high heels womens shoes he binds me like this to recieve anal sex. with each thrust my father repeats 'son, why did you force me to do this u fucking queer'
daddy likes to pose like this to make me have ass licking fantasies
yes daddy of course i iwll lick your tight pink puckered satin pantied asshole

i love you so much daddy...when all my senses are muffled and my screams stifled with satin panty gags i can focus on the low level hum of an inflated butt plug and pray that daddy tuns on the voltage on my cock ring
my daddy is the  perfect bride for me...we will be masked in our ceremony

look at daddys wonderful wonderful gloves...so long and exotic and accentuating his prescious boots and prety mini...i must  kneel before him to gently kiss tug massage and squueeze his gigantic manly balls to give him a wonderful gay release of semen in my mouth

i love u sooo much daddy

isnt my daddy pretty...no you cant touch him he is ALL mine...im very jeoulous of my daddy

daddy knows nothign turns me on more that fingerless lace gloves with huge nails..those nails feel so great teasing my cock and balls or fingering my asshole.  i do love you so much my daddy, my bride
daddy you are so sultry ...let me kiss your pretty hands master let me lick perchance to eat some semen from thos elegant poised fingers
daddys practicign for our gay ceremony
daddy relaxing in formal wear.  underneaths he is tight laces in a red satin corset and red satin panties for my worshipping pleasure
how can i NOT love this man...i hearebey offer my prasies to you master daddy,
my beautiful bride
so pure, so innocent my daddy bride
yes bridal daddy...this night i will clean your white anal buttplug lovingly with my tongue sir

thats we should be forever wed in eternal gay bliss daddy

to serve my bride for all my life as his gay bound tansvestite son
to spend long hours trying to touch tongues wiuth daddy thru his tulle veile , rubber doll mask, latex hood and O-ring gag 
this is physical perfection in a transvestite rubber doll...i urge all of you to focus on these images and imagine it is yoru own special bridal daddy dressed a s a dooll..the rewards are worth the effort when u realize that you too are falling in love with a man who you call your father but looks like your mother

i worhip your gay asshole master

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Anónimo dijo...

Why don't you grow up and do your big girl faggot make up with shit, piss, puke and cum?

Wodan dijo...

Your imagination is so incredible. I want so badly to be your sissy slave with my cock caged, tied up and gagged with your panties, whimpering at your feet like a dog as I await your sadistic pleasure.