miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

i want to BE a pretty girls bikini thong panty

i know a lot of you gay transvestites have fantasies of becoming girls and
maryring a  masculine black man or maybe you pretend you could serve a dom,inant woman as
she teaches you how to become trully gay against your deepest wishes..i have all of those fantasies too...but today when i was looking for images of pretty panties i found this webwite with tehse extraordinarily pretty girls panties and it reminded me of my fantasy to actually 
BECOME a pretty girls panty and be pressed up against her vagina all day and have her boyfriend masturbate his big jock cock head into my gusset face and lick the asshole of
my panty body.
oh jesus lord turn me into a pretty girls panty...let me live my life as a piece of satin veiled with tulle

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