miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

a beginning...updated

timmy was playing with his mothers enormous telescope when he accidentally directed it in the windows of apartment 96 and saw an extraordinarily well hung nigger dressing up in a shiny red satin french maid costume. the nigger man took great care to slowly slide into his full fashioned stockings and 12 garter versatile fashions bright red satin corset, a shiny red satin thong panty followed by a red sheer mesh panty followed by a red full back shiny satin bikini panty. |Timmy watched s the gay nigger fondle different shoes apparently unable to choose between a ballet heel red shiny thigh high boot or a red steel heeled shoe the gay nigger man had bought for his own gay transvestite pleasure at fredericks of hollywood online along with several sexual toys including anal beads in various sizes, a host of vibrators and inflatable vibrating but plus as well as a generous selection of powered cock pumps which he has carefully arranged beside his closet of pure 100% female satin undergarments, gowns, negligee and bridal and prom gowns

as the well hung nigger slid the shiny red satin bikni panties over his gigantic cum filled balls which he had prettily bound with several meters of satin ribbon his enormous nigger penis dangled ponderously and masculinely from the otherwise completely perfumed femininity of the transvestite costume he had chosen for his day of gay transvestitry.

it was this well bound satin encased nigger cock and balls which dripped a gigantic bead of sticky white precum semen from the bulbous purple head and thickly veined shaft spilling nigger sperm over a precious nearby shiny red satin panty with elegant lace trim and satin gusset, staining the feminine garment with a thick sticky white semen filled masculine fluid that made little timmy boy for the first time gasp in amazement and feel a twitch of excitement in his groinal area and strangely he thought in his tiny tight pink puckered anus as he watched the powerful man subsume his masculinty in a sheath or really many sheathes of feminine clothing.

timy finnaly felt alive and connected to a worked he hitherto had never known could exist. as he gazed at this red satin French maid with full knowledge it was a generously well hung black man with ample sized balls bound in a floral satin arrangement timmy unconsciously for the first time slide his small hand down close to his small, virgin, curled up pink penis and lovingly stroked the tiny penis head as his little pink puckered rectum gently tingled in an innocent way as his pink penis head slowly became glaze with a sugary precum delight

unconsciously the young boys fingers moved from his pink silky glazed penis head to his lips where he unwittingly rubbed the precum boy semen all over his lips like lipstick using his tongue to refine the sexy coat of semen as he grew profoundly aware of a sensation that like this satin encased gay nigger french maid, he too was a gay homosexual transvestite

timmy was astonished to hear himself say 'i want to be a gay red satin panty', 'i am a gay red satin panty ' and for one startling metaphysical moment he ha d a visino of himself dressed ust like this gay niiger lord of a french maid but with his mouth gagged with cum soaked and perfumed red satin panties and perfumed red satin panties forced inside of his virgin pink anus

at the very moment he said those words the sexy nigger french maid suddenly looked up and saw timmy sliding his very own boy precum over his newly gay transvestite lips and a neatiful romantic moment occured where nigger TV and boy TV Fell instantly in love at first siight

to be continued...lemme know if u like


timmy ran timidly from the window his hand sliding gracefully from the shiny steel cylindrical telescope. he was lots in confusion trying to decipher nascent feelings of lust, love and shame. alone in the house he went to daddys secret drawer annd pried daddys secret silver locket key and took it to the silver lock closing the secret door.

quetly timmy opned the silver lock and the small door behind mommys oak closet. he crept between large perfumed furs and formal wear to enter into a medium sized room entirly decorated in pink satin.

timmy had one day discovered daddys satin panty worship chamber by accident when he came home from school unexpectedly and spied his father in a surpirisng position. daddy had squeezed himnself into a tiny wasp wisted pink satin corset, pink satin thong panty and pink satin bikini panty, black french seaemd full fashioned stocking. sheer, shiny pantyhose, black ballet ankle boots, 3 rubber hoods a ball gag and leather blind fold, a very stiff highly boned rubber neck corset, an enourmous bouffant blond wig.

when timmy had found daddy bound and sensually blinded by gag, hoods and wigs, daddy had not known his very own young sone was watching him as he fondled a plastic blow up doll as his ample penis was swollen and pumped in a penis pump to an outragoues thickness. the strawebbery flavored lubricant for the inflatable vibratinf butt plug seeped out of timmys fathers pink asshole slathering from the sides of the sexy feminine pink satin panties and all over a mound of sexy stilleto pumps his father had been worshipping before he had hooded, plugged and gagged himself. those shiny presciousp pumps were literally smothered with his sexy fathers sticky white sperm filled precum and strawberry flavored asshole lube.

surrounded as he was by perumed formal wear timmy somehow felt as if capturedin some enchantment. the dlightful musky boucheron perfume nailed his childlike virgin frame in place as if upon a cross as his hands delighted in the sensual satin fabrics that surrounded him.

his father heard nothing after an hour so of hooded gagged masurbatory delight when timmy hypnotized in an erotic trance crawled from his satin trap his young tonuige unknowngly and yet hungrily lapping all over the shiny stilleto heels. he kissed and licked each heel , some ankle strapped , some platforms nd some steel heeled. he was oblivious to the fact that he was diretctly and unmistakable eting his fathers stiky white sperm fileld semen and strawebery flavored butt plug lube.

as is father made love literlly and wildly to a blow up doll he now loved more than his real wife, his young son, gaily lapped his fatherly sperm blanket and poop lube from his sexy transvestite pumps collection.

from that day ofward timmy always raced home early on that same day to spyupon his gay transvestite father and undulge himself in the same feminine finerey, the same satin costumes, thesame hoods and and heels that his father enjoyed in secrey gay homosexual exstacy.

aftyer many months timmy found himself waiting for his father togo out and he would immdieatly open the silver locket and wildly suck and lick on a straweberry flavored inflatable vibraing pbutt plug which his daddy had recently pulled out of his shaved pink feminine rectum while dangling large gobs and globules and strands of sticky white semed formt he heels.

the young boy secretly ran his tongue over the vagina mouth and asshole of the blow up doll, daddys real wife, and sucked each orifice clean of the semen rich fluid dripping from each rubber hole.

it was around this time timmy stared to ask himself 'am i a gay transvestite like my daddy'

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lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

transvestite castle

im hoping to get time to write some explicitly gay comments about these images in the next couple of days as well as write fictional piece about gay nigger black rubber daddy and little timmy and how through love timmy helps gay nigger black rubber dadddy exerise his his gay demons and how gay nigger black rubber daddy trains timmy in eating strawbery flavored butt plug lube aswell as enjoy bridal satin delights in a romantic gay wedding ceremony in a castle dungeon where timmy will live