sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

a quick word about this educationa presentation

i wish i had more time to comment each of thesei mages which are so very special to me. suffice it to say that while they cver a large area of gay transvestite fetishism, i think these images represent in large part for many of us an unspoken desire to see young boys forced into gay transvestism.

while comlpeely immoral, illegal and unfulfillable in the real world, many of these images like the sexy 2 beggining fotos, all of prissy sissy fotos and the xxccelent series of a young boy being forced by sodomy on his tight pink puckered boy asshole by a group of niggas, they seem to demopnstrate as I said an unspoken desire by many to either try said activities or simply relive their own experiences from the past.

like them or revile them, they are powerful images which understanably contribute to the gender confusion of many gay fetish transvestites

when tvfa talks of his simultanoeus revulsion and attraction to men would he feel he same way about a feminized submissive young boy who has much less testosterone and indeed may need a hot beef injection of said hormone to belay his latent femininity.

again i strongly reject the idea that feminizing young boys is a good idea in the real world and you should not do it.

on a sidenote when i was 16 i was busted by the police for doing it and they scared me straight. i am now happily married with 3 children and only veer into this topic and presnt these images as a soundingboard for other hay fetish transvesites who may find themselves overwhlemed and confused by their total lust for prissys sissys or christeens petticoats or other v series which essentuially portay the seduction of young boys into gayhood by taffeta, satin, full fshiones stockings or ins some cases even stillet heels or ballet boots and quite often inflatabale vibrating buitt plugs and latex hoods. prissys sissys for example ahs one image (not in this blog) of a young boy and a woman . the boy has his head in some kind of hood and the woman says 'its filled withmy panties' these seductive images with ideas which lure the young boy into a world of feminine satin panties only to ultimately blur the lines and force them into whimpering heel licking cock sucking gay sissys are endemic to the genre.

i urge you all to look into your heart and ask yourself if there exists some kernel of wanting sex with young boys. lokoig at this series will help you identify your desires and ultimately allow you to control them and keep them in the world of dreams so you too can become a happily married heterosexual and not a closet gay transvestite fighting againts desires to be dildoed and gagged.

for example ive found that licking my lesbian wifes satin pantied asshole has formed a humiliating inversion of said fantasies and has compleely and utterly removed any desire to see ro download images like i have placed in this educaytioal presentation. i now have no desires 'what so ever' to see young boys bound into femininity...especially not in those first image which i frankly find completely deplorable!!!!! straighten up you faggots. stop dreaming of hotniggas and little boys

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Excellent programme Gay Fetish TV! A real faggotty glut of twisted tranny sluttery!