martes, 6 de abril de 2010

gay dreams

TVFA u want to watch this video

so hot licking from the asshole

i want to marry this man

i love u dream husband
sexy tiny penis

i jerk off to this sissy all the time fantasuizing about just touching skirts and fondling penises under satin together then slowly learning how to be cum eaters in
a deep loving gay bond

shiny pure satin with cum stains to lick clean

this toon is soo pretty and elicious to eat each others cum like this
at mommya and daddys command is my sweet tv gay dream

hot mushroom head would fit in my mouth id tongue and suck and lick
it till i was drippity slippity wet with cum
im in love with this gay shemale

i want to suck the cum out of each condom...does that make me gay

i want to lickworship the panty covered cock of my betrothed husband
in a romantic love making session

i only wat to tongue her asshole and whorship her outfit where it slides tightly
over her crack

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Anónimo dijo...

Yesss loved the anal vid!!!