domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010


ok well its been so long i have had a very difficult year the last year...good but a lot of challenges including now ihave 3 kids...lolol...not so much time to slut it we all almost died in a devastating natural disaster ....not a joke....but om cpmtext of this blog which i have left for a while ...ive kind of been led astray from transvestitry in the last year or so by the lesbianism of my wife which is alot of fun.

shes very conservative and cant admit that shes gay but i force her to watch lesbian videos and dress up like like a fetish whore.....and she has big gushy orgasms.....when she comes i make her say things like ´i love pussy´ or im a gay lesbian´´ and this of course enhances her orgasm as it does when we say thing like i love my daddys transvestite cock ....lolol.

afterwards she cnat talk about it lololol but its alot of fun obviously watching her get kitted out in her shiny satin maid costume corset and spike heels all so that she can act gay for a while.

after she comes (i either manually masturbate her or lick her pussy) i get on top of her and tell her i cant come unless she keeps watching the gay homosexual lesbians and touch her anus thru her tight shiy panties. i say that over and over again and she really gets off on it...the best part as i think i mentioned before is mrs conservative finds she can only cum at the parts where the girls in the video start licking each others assholes and doing anal penetration.

shes never let me fuck her ass and only lick her ass a few time ...i guess shes self conscious....but goddamn that girls fkn pusssy GUSHES watching other chicks lap their assholes together.

ive told her she can only watch anal lingerie lesbians and thats what she wants too..... u can see as apreviously hard core obsessed fetish transvestite ive been led astray...butof course the benefit is i dont have those big lonely post cum momesnts prying a satin panty gag of my face and sliding the beads and dilidos out my ass.

for me a satin panty gag was 3 satin panties bundles up with a satin panty crotch covering them. that satin panty crostch would have had my most recentt ejaculation all over it. i would stuff this in my mouth then plce several perfumes satin panties over my head then overthe top several full fashiones stockings which were soo fkn tight and sensual sliding over the satin and binding them tightly with stockingsover my mouth and eyes with more stockings until really very then put on a blond wig and id often do this in front of a video cam. watching myself afterwards was soo fucking hot cause i made myselfthe perfect satin panty slave which you just dont get on whatever xtube channel you want to find. u often find some good perverts but nobody who does exactly what you want for as long as you want.

so after find yourself sort of gasping for air bound in satin panties hoping that tight binding you made too tight because you were so fucking excited to be a gay transvestite again doesnt leave big red marks over your face which theyll ask about at work....then theres that moment of all alone and pathetic.

so i like to think whats going on with my wife is turning those very inner desires outwards and subjecting her to haha lol...i guess a small percentage of what iused to put myself thru. i bought a studded leather dog collar and chain and put her in that sometimes and force her to lick my mough like its a pussy and she puts so much authentic energy into it i think pretty much any man wold drop a load over can feel her desire for gayness in the tip of her tongue lapping gaily over my mouth then pluging in and out like a vagina-....i laugh but really its fkn hot

plus as a gay tv who started primarily as a satin panty fetishist, it great having a young sexy woman who 24 7 is in tight satin panties...she doesnt take them off during sex either i tell her she has to pull them tightly over her lips so they are tightly concealed in shiny satin or i wont be able to come and she lovingly does it...i talk just like that with her too..very descriptive of the panty and its effect on my and it gets us both only problem is she always cleans her panties immedietely and really idlike it if she wore them for 4 days of cum soaked perfumery like my ex stripper girlfriend...u could smell her thick perfumed musk mixed with smoke and fucking bubble gum....jesus it was fkn intoxicating to smell them

not much time to do full transvesttry anymore with the kids plus the wife keeps me drained mainly so im like whatever maybe i can walk away from it for a while...sure ic an always come back but its fun enough now and i dont have to deal with the feeling lonly and im still getting that fucking addictive satin fetish rush that i fkn NEEEEEED.

so maybe its about transposing your addiction not ending it....

anyway...the wifes tired and doesnt want sex and im here thinking what has sissys prisseis done lately or christines peticoat art or any hard core gay faggotry toon shit. plus of course always has some good stuff under interacial if u find some pathetic white tv getting fucked in the ass by a muscular nigger

still im running my computer off a 3g cell phone lol so not exactly fast for downloading shit loads of gay tranny still 4 blocks from where i live theres a corner where all the gay tranny hookers hang dying to go over there but im scared of aids...i picked up and small time std a few years ago doing the same thing but it was enough to scare me to fkn use my head and not suck off every fucking tv i see..even if they are young sensual and maleable..and girlish for an 18 year old boy

we live in south america and i told my wife in spring well go to rio and she can lap up a samba dancers pussy during mardi would be her first really pussy licking experience.....she gushed pretty hard about that one...i told her it was normal in mardi gras in brazil for girls to get gay..and shes like ´óhh si mi amor oh si soy gay soy gay soy gay´

sometimes i find myself thinking about her like in my u fucking stupid lesbo cunt whore.....not real loving for the mother of my kids...i dont even know if i love her really but she is soooooo fucking good to me and fucks me so good id be nuts to leave her...thing is there are so many hot sluts in south america and i want to fuck them and all the tvs too.....

my wife is maybe 24 cant 44 this month. i should stick with this take car5e of me as i get old and she probably get kinkier with more i probably do love her just im disconnected from my emotions a bit...our children are fkn beautiful ...and have made my life full of joy and wonder...its was a gift form god my family and im not religious. maybe i should focuse on the gifts around me rather than the insanity that can grown within me. at the very least its 1000% more interesting

so final thought of the night..framing your transvestitry properly is the totally open o hard core fetish gay TV sucking and fucking right now,,,but does it fit the context.....
plus u ever had a tvs cock in your mouth and your like...WTF am i doing this for...its like your trying to be crazy rather than getting into it naturally. this is the problem with porn i guess is it creates a reality in your head which doesnt corrspond .

its fiction not reality.

ok im off to tvfa to whack it lolol ciaou

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Always such a treat when you resurface, GFT. I liked what you had to say. Great post!!