sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011


so my wife went out for the day and her lets say 18 year old sister stayed here...we were playing wiht the kids and she suddenly said ..'lets make up (*&#%^&# in like a girl'...im like no no no bad idea....she breaks out her bag of makeup and jumps on my lap and starts putting foundation on me which i still have on my face now....i look at her in the eyes...she looks and me and i pop instant wood which is right under herpussy and she looks at me and says...maybe a little more here...im rigid...'  a little more on your nose'  i twitch it one time for effect and she looks at me straight in the face and smiles.

totally stupid i know.  shes a hot 18 year old girl.  until today she seemed innocent but u can imagine the depravity running thry my head now especially if you check out tiffanysatin on flickr where i have recently discovered the best selection of gay crossdressing and rubber fetish fotos.

jesus i hoope i dont fuck my wifes sister dressed p as a sissy!!

totally serious...would ruin my family.....and...yet soo fkn hot