jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

how do i know im gay: let me count the ways

i want to send out a very special shot to TVFA whose recent post made me drop a load whilst
saying the words gay nigger cum lord over and over and over again.

i sometimes forget what a gay sissy i am then i catch the faintest trace of perume or
the softest touch of satin and i decline into a flaming homosexual gay transvestite
who seeks semen basting of his mouth and face by large massterrly rubber clad
black nigger daddys whom i call gay nigger cun lords

the joy of this secret knowledge ocmbined with the beautiful lingerie takes me to a new extatic level of being which i call homostasus, a stage i can only reach fully dildoed and bound and gagged with not 1 but perhaps 6 pairs of satin panties, the one on top soaked with my own semen then  i place a shiny sheer full fashioned stocking over my entire head then blindfold my eyes and gag my mouth even further until it is quite tight.

i need to experiment nd get over my fear of rubber hoods more becasue in this state of homostasus i believe i could achive an even higher state elevated by the pure delightful rubber placed contrictingly over my nylon bound and panty gagged hood and perhaps my gay nigger master would allow me a little air or maybe only addictive hornifying drugs

thus bound, equally in arm binders and ballet boots i believe i could find a tranquil place at the side of my master, the love of my life, my dearest gay black nigger cum lord husband whose shiny glossy semen smeared cock head has become a symbolic totem at the forefront of my sexual identity and entire conscoiusness which has been warped, constrcited and castigated in the feminine fineries of a women i neither desevre or shall ever have except for licking her dirty molecules from her used and abused satin panty anus

i know i know shes un ugly whore but i deserve no better. plus she lovingly presnets her physique in delightful lingerie and it pleases me to think i could worhip her clothing all the while she things im in love with her but i only dearly love the fabric in which she surrounds her ancient body...i would call her mommy and try to convince her that by forcing me to suck nigger cocks it somoe how reinforces our loving relationshiop as gay husband and wife

ooo dearest mommy how i love your shiny hose..your prescious hose, your sheerest asshole
hose on my gay face mommy oh mommy oh mommy
mopmmy odnt let that big dog fuck your tight asshole...that would be gross and i do not want to think about u having sex with great danes

dearest mommy let me clean the semen off these garter straps

jesus mommy, pretty mommy jesus i do worship you dity ass pantyhose and satin corsetry with all my life 

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Anónimo dijo...

Especially love the Babygirl Inc lingerie stuff!