sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011


so my wife went out for the day and her lets say 18 year old sister stayed here...we were playing wiht the kids and she suddenly said ..'lets make up (*&#%^&# in like a girl'...im like no no no bad idea....she breaks out her bag of makeup and jumps on my lap and starts putting foundation on me which i still have on my face now....i look at her in the eyes...she looks and me and i pop instant wood which is right under herpussy and she looks at me and says...maybe a little more here...im rigid...'  a little more on your nose'  i twitch it one time for effect and she looks at me straight in the face and smiles.

totally stupid i know.  shes a hot 18 year old girl.  until today she seemed innocent but u can imagine the depravity running thry my head now especially if you check out tiffanysatin on flickr where i have recently discovered the best selection of gay crossdressing and rubber fetish fotos.

jesus i hoope i dont fuck my wifes sister dressed p as a sissy!!

totally serious...would ruin my family.....and...yet soo fkn hot

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

warning all faggotry addicts

hey long time no see.

i thought i had a computer virus and i wasnt able to see blogger for months.  turns out i had my system clock back 2 years and i guess blogger doesnt like that...doh

anyway funny thing is i seem to have temporarily trained myself away from sissy gay shemale sex and am  enjoying full on hard core lingeried lesbo anal with my wife.  i just watched some of my old entries and videos and was jerking off but it was pretty hard to cum lolol.  some of my earliest entries i had some compiled videos with comments overlayed...wow i remember at the time being soo into making those.  now im reading the comments like WTF hehe....eating every strnd of nigger cum doesnt seem so appealing right now lolol

since i was last on  here i got a pretty hardcore addiction to ritalin which i have kicked after 1 or 2 embarrasing moments rolling high on that shit and drinking ALOT vodka too ...i dont remember much but other people do hehehe.

great fucking on ritalin...makes u sooo fkn horny and crazed...but i got off that shit even tho it is fucking awesome

oh....one more thing....be a gay crossdresser all you want but all hell is about to break out in the global economy.  buy food, silver and guns if you havent already.  id also recommend  moving to south america to get away from fukushima radiation for a bit longer

uruguay is attractive.  george W bush just bought a ranch there.

sisters are doing it for themselves

i still check out your pages from time to time but  dont be caught in your satin panties when the hordes arrive at your front door looking for bread

..im probaly done here for a while but now that i figured out why i couldnt see blogger i thought id mention it...i wish you all well for now.  i wont delete the page or anything because ill probably come back at some point.  i dont believe in throwing away the past.

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

self abuse


if that bores u try some deep anal

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011


quick thoughts about gayness......oh ....uh oh wait a minute...i think im tooooo fucked up to talk anout it but i got some very deep thougths about this shit...particularly about the addiction aspect of transvestism...fuuuck...im wasted lol....seriously got deep thoughts but prolly wont get to them for a month.

all of you are unforgotten.