sábado, 17 de julio de 2010


ive been very busy and not much time to blog. i have found myself however in a transvestite zone with lot sof gay fantasies circulating my brain. things like hot niggeres and young boys.

for example sometimes i seem to think about a hot nigger body builder in tight nylon posing trunks completely shaved in a rubber hood and rubber gloves who has a satin panty fetish and isnt gay. im dressed up like a satin maid in 3 pairs of satin panties ultra sheer panty hose, full fashioned stockings, satin corsetry 5 inch ankle strap open toe pumps a think 5 inch vibe a huge blond bouffant wig havey maekup and als0 a latex hood under my wig.

in my fantasy i have thousands of pairs of perfumed panies frommodels and strippers carefull positioned all over my room. some in front of satin worship pillows and some gaily hanging from railings as if my home is a lingerie store.

the hot nigger wants to worship sexy panties and isnt gay and i tell him its ok hes not gay but ill fulfull his panty fantasies. i hold numerous satin and micro fiber thongs over his nose so he can sniff the soiled crotches and assholes and the wholeitme his giant cock is getting reaslly turgid under his tight nylon posing trunks...my frilly sheer gloved fingers trace the outline of his cock head in the nylon and i start teasing his cock with teh sexy perumed satin panties...sliding his cock head in and out of each satin and mesh panty crotch soiling each one with his delicious sticky white warm nigger sugar syrup

i start tonguing each panty and lapping his giant purple cock head telling him he deserves sexy hot pantied pussy all the while his semen is shimering down his nigger love wand.

as he gets hotter and hotter he starts taking noticeof my tightly corseted hosed and satin pantied body and he startes feeling me up wiht his finger in my satin pantied ass crack saying things like oh baby your just like a little stripper slut too.

i usually fats forward here to when he is drilling me from behind. hes changed his `posing trunks for a shiny pink satin full back satin bikini panty and still in his rubber hood. i am fullyu dressed as a french maid and his giant dick is moving in and out of a hole in my satin briefs, mesh briefs and satin bikinis and tight satin thong forcing his pink fleshy membrane in and out of my fenibized anus. in my fantasy i feel very open and vulnerable because im hooded but my shiny hosed and pantied ass is open to his dick asault and my frilly petticoats and satin maid skirt and satin apron are lñike petals round a flower. the talks to me like im the love of his life in a dirty whore way and tellsme he will marry me if i keep satisfying his panty fantasies.

then i cum.

other variations include the same type of scenario but with a young boy i have been strictly training to meet and satisfy the niggers panty fetish. i seem to fins myself virtually spanking the young lad quite forcefully because hes not sure if he wants to be a girl. i fucking force him to fall in love with nigger cock and i love it.

then i come to, lick my very own semenof my wifes satin panties and go back to my life as a nomal straight married man

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Sissy Chrissie dijo...

Tiffany, sweetie -

You're many things.

Normal? No.

The facade is cute, though...