martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

all boys should be forced into full fashioend stocking training very early by their gay transvestite fathers.  the combinatino of ultra sheer stockings with shiny pink satin garter belts with lace trim and matching shiny pink satin panties with lace appliques and bras is delightful to the young boy still trying to understand his sexuality.  its essential at this age to train them to walk in ballet heels and spend long hours posing for their fathers in their entirely feminine and sensual satin outfits

to make the boys feel comfortable the fathers should dress similarly perhaps in shiny baby blue satin garter belts with matching baby blue satin thong panties under a baby blue satin brief and hsould encourage long mutual huggin session...the sensuality of nylon on nylon and satin on satin will make every one more comfrtable and effect a more loving relaitonship between father and son

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