jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


for all u trannys who are simultaneously attracted and repulsed to serving men sexually and
are not sure if you are gay or not...how about the interpretation that you are defintely
gay but you just haven't found the right man yet.

Seriously..people are always going on about how they havent found the right girl yet but then
they expect a different standard for their gay lover.  

i mean i was dating a young shemale of about 20 year sold for about 4 months and it wanst really doing it for me....i always felt dirty afterwards and even while doign it but i foced myself to do it nayway...but one night i met one of here friends mariajose and we just clicked and she noticed immedietelly i liked her pantyhose and she was shaved and perfumed and she secretly gave me the best blowjob of my life...and i was like uh oh...this is the one...didnt hurt that he  was in an all in one teddy with rhinestones and feathers wheni met her and heavily made up...they were both working a show.

Incidentally I live in south america now and no longer in the u.s. of assholes

firstly real chicks kick ass in south amerika and make u think u might not even need a shemale to get your rocks off....but if u do need a shemale they are all over the place..easy to meet and young and sexy

i never thought of myself as gay either but after all these years i find i can look up interracial gay sex or gay black men in rubber and cum very quickly while feeling simultanoseuly attracted and repulsed ..and i used to just be infatuated with satin panties

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