lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

a very popper xmas

at a friends house for xmas i realized the weird smell in the room was a smalle bottle of room deodorizer which thanks to kara i remembered was poppers.  When everyone went out for a walk after xmas dinner i said i didnt feel well and stayed back.  I went to my friends bedroom and lo and behold found a pair of his wifes satin panties and poured the poppers all over the crotch and bound them over my nose.

Its the first time ive done poppers and i must say it was a great fucking high and i totally had this desire to get fucked really hard in the ass ut i didnt have a dildo with me being that it was a xmas dinner and not a gay fetish tranvsetite orgy.  I jerked off like a crazy person in the bathroom saying things to my imaginary gay nigger cum lord as i licked and sniffed the popper soaked crotch..practically collapsed as i dropped my load and ate it.

I then intentionaly spilled the rest of the poppers on the floor and when everyone came back i was like...oh geez stupid me look what i did! and no one thougth twice about the overpowering smell ...i slipped her satin panties into the trunk of my car and am still  intoxicated with them.....sniffing poppers makes me want to become a popper addicted bound tranny slave to a gay black love him to force me into this addiction and make me beg for them as i dress in wonderful satin and latex outfits for my master as my wife watches me be gay. and every time i start feeling normal he forces popper soaked panties stockings and high heels over my face and into my mouth

jesus i love drugs!!!!!!

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